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Gary Karz, CFA
Publisher of InvestorHome.com twitter.com/GKarz

     I have been publishing web sites since 1996, but my career in investments began in 1987 during my junior year in business school at the University of Southern California after I passed the NASD series 7 stockbroker exam. I also worked for former Goldman Sachs Partner Lewis J. Kaufman, and I spent over a decade at Plexus Group (and JP Morgan Chase & Investment Technology Group via mergers) advising some of the largest and most successful money managers in the world. I manage investment analytics with Lou Taylor and the team at Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group. I live in Los Angeles with my wife and four children.

     In 2014 award winning journalist Jason Zweig at The Wall Street Journal generously called me one of fifteen �Smart People for Investors to Follow� (along with Warren Buffett, Howard Marks, William Bernstein and others). Zweig encouraged investors to socialize �only with investors who are calm and methodical� and "ignore the markets� momentary twitches and spasms and, instead, to focus on the long term." Zweig summarized InvestorHome as follows
This site, maintained by financial analyst Gary Karz, offers a vast trove of reference material, including countless links to original research. Investors who want to educate themselves deeply using primary sources can start here.


A sample of some generous cherry-picked comments
that have been made about me and my web sites.

I must compliment you on the originality, thoroughness, and usefulness of what you have put together.
Peter Bernstein (Author of Against the Gods and Capital Ideas)

Your site is a treasure trove of information.
William Sharpe

You have created a remarkable resource for investors and anyone interested in the financial markets.
William Goetzmann

Site founder Gary Karz, a chartered financial analyst, is a voracious reader equally at home with Money or the Journal of Finance. Karz summarizes like a good journalist while documenting his research with footnotes meticulous enough to satisfy a panel of academics. And if there is any information online about the subject he is discussing, he will drop in a link. He�s also scrupulously fair.
Wayne Harris in �Fund Site of the Month� March 1999, Mutual Funds Online

Webmaster Gary Karz is an indefatigable organizer... what sets Investor Home apart is its original content-the icily objective rigor of Karz�s investment analysis... Karz�s commentary reveals that he has actually read, evaluated, and assimilated most of the material on other sites.
Wayne Harris in "One-Stop Shops" July 1998, Individual Investor Magazine

Intelligent and knowledgeable, Karz has great investigative skills and instincts... Entrepreneurs like Karz who are more interested in providing good information than making a quick buck are a rare breed.
Eric Tyson in "Web investing books provide limited help" February 22, 1998, San Francisco Examiner


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August 2015 Robo-Advisors and The Evolution of Wealth Management CFA Society of Los Angeles Presentation

June 2015 Robo-Advisors and the Evolution of Investment Advice American Association of Individual Investors (Los Angeles Chapter)


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"A Site Made in 'What-If' Heaven" in Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine (February 1998)

"Webbed Feat" in Barron's (9/29/1997)

"Power Lunch" on CNBC (7/25/1997)

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